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Quarterly Newsletter: July 2021 to September 2021

With the opening of our new training centre in Mahebourg, the Youth with Disabilities is more than ever committed toward the empowerment of persons with disabilities through the implementation of new projects.


This quarterly update has as main content:

  1. The opening of our new training centre in Mahebourg;

  2. The setting up and implementation of our 'Eco Bag Fabrication Workshop' in collaboration with Eco Sud;

  3. The distribution of masks and hand sanitizers by the Rotary Club of Saint Pierre;

  4. The running of a sessional bakery class;

  5. Our members' success stories as broadcasted on the MBC;

  6. Rachel Liow's power run;

  7. An empowerment and inclusive activity organized by the OMEP students.

Interview: Rushda Hossen

Our special interview was conducted and interpreted by Naomi Kishtoo. It focused on the life of Rushda Hossen, a dynamic young woman, who is trying to fit in society. Rushda talks about the daily challenges she faces as a deaf persons and her wish and vision for the deaf community in Mauritius:

"Being able to teach sign language would make me so happy. It is a slow process, but it's possible for others to learn some sign language"

The full content is available to read here:

Quarterly update July to September 2021
Download PDF • 479KB

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