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This World Down Syndrome Day, Down Syndrome International asked the question "What does inclusion mean" to the general population, to empower people around the world to advocate for the full inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society.

As a World Down Syndrome Advocate, Jean Daniel Lahache (Zeke), proud member of the Youth With Disabilities Empowerment Platform had his word to say in the matter, with our help.

For him, inclusion means equal chances. Zeke loves cooking, dancing, playing football and eating. He is well known for his videos called "Cook with Zeke", where he avidly demonstrates and shares his cooking skills with the world.

As an entrepreneur, Zeke wishes to be able to work and earn a living like everyone else. He believes in lifelong education and in equal opportunities for people with Down syndrome.

Zeke was recognized by the Down Syndrome International this year and his statement was published on social media.

We are proud to have been able to be part of the inclusion movement this year by encouraging Zeke to advocate for himself. We have been training and coaching our members to become self-advocates and we could not be happier to see the positive result which our empowerment trainings have had on them.

Keep shining Zeke!

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